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What's Included

  • named accommodation Bed & Breakfast basis (package trips)
  • ferry crossings
  • use of the track either exclusively or in groups (see individual track days)
  • guided groups taken to the track from the hotel
  • personal photographer

What's not Included

  • fuel
  • food and beverage (other than breakfast)
  • insurance (breakdown/travel or health)
  • tolls
  • alternative accommodation

Typical Itinerary

Day 1 – Travel Day

Riders are asked to make their own way to the Dover ferry terminal; all crossings are booked with P&O Ferries. You must quote your Eurotrax booking reference number at the booth.  We ask you to arrive 1 hour before your ferry crossing.   If you are not travelling by motorcycle then you only need arrive 45 minutes before your departure time.

We ask guests to make their own way to the accommodation at thier own pace, using the maps and information that are sent or downloaded from our Website.  The directions that we supply to our preferred accommodation is very direct, many of our guests choose to take alternative routes to enjoy a longer ride, and explore the surrounding area.  Either way your room will be waiting for you on your arrival.  Shaun or Julie are contactable by phone during the trip dates, so rest assured should you need advice or assistance we are always available to help. 

However If you do not have the confidence to travel to the accommodation un-guided, we can arrange for you to follow a member of Eurotrax team, unfortunately you will have to travel at the guides pre-arranged crossing times, and this may not be the most convenient time for you.

PARKING - Eurotrax do not hold any responsibility for your vehicles for the duration of the trip.

FOLEMBRAY TRIPS - There is a secure underground car park in St.Quentin, under the Town Square  located just behind our preferred hotel.  Tickets cost 4 euros per 24 hours, and can be purchased from the hotel reception after 8pm or before 8pm from the billet machine at the entrance of the car park. (note the car park does close after 8pm and you will need a ticket to enter!! Also there is a height restriction so not suitable for vans)  Alternatively you can par in the public car park opposite the hotel, this is free between 6pm and 8am, and nominal charge

parking availalble at preferred hotels, they are private car parks but open.

At the hotel you will be met by one of our Eurotrax representatives, who will give a short briefing and invite you to join them in the hotel bar before retiring to your room or visiting one of the many French bars and restaurants in or close to the hotel.

Day 2 - Track Day

Breakfast is served from 6.30am and is of continental style. At 7.45am we will leave the hotel in groups, to reach the circuit in time for registration which starts at 8.15am.   You can make your own way to the circuit we just ask that you to let a member of the team know that you are making your own way.  For those joining a group, we ask you to meet outside the hotel ready to go at this time. Each group follow a specific guide to the circuit.  On arrival you will be asked to complete two registration forms (the circuit owners and Eurotrax), and following a short safety briefing, all riders will be required to complete 3 guided NO OVERTAKING sighting laps, (take off in small groups of 6 to 10 riders).

We close the circuits for lunch, and depending on the circuit, track time will finish either at 5.30pm or 6.00pm. The Eurotrax team are always on hand to help during the day on and off the track.  You are of course free to leave the circuit at any time or to make your way back to the hotel at your own leisure, an opportunity to ride some of the excellent local roads, or you can, again follow your guide.

Day 3 - Return travel day

Breakfast is served between 7am - 9am, should you wish to follow one of our guides back to Calais please let us know the night prior to departure so that we do not leave without you.  All our ferry crossings, unless requested, leave Calais between 10am – 2pm.  Please make sure you leave yourself enough time, not forgetting the waiting time of 45mins prior to departure once at the port.  

You may be charged extra of you take a ferry outside of these times or have not pre-booked an alternative crossing at the time of booking.

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Rider Feedback

"Excellent socially, possibly the best track bike trip I have experienced, well done Eurotrax, will definitely come again, thanks for a great event" Darren R - Bucks